Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Represents a menu bar component.

public class MenuBar : Control


Initializes a new instance of the MenuBar class.


Boolean: Enables the overflow handling which automatically removes items that don't fit in the MenuBar and adds them to a drop-down menu button. (Default: True)

BorderStyle: Returns or sets the border style of the MenuBar control. (Default: None)

Boolean: Returns or sets whether the control causes validation to be performed on controls that require to be validated when this control receives focus. (Default: False)

DockStyle: (Default: None)

MenuItemCollection: Returns the collection of MenuItem objects associated with the menu.


MenuItemEventHandler Fired when a new menu item is added to the MenuItemCollection.

MenuItemEventHandler Fired when a menu item is clicked.

MenuItemEventHandler Fired when a menu item is removed from the MenuItemCollection.



Bindable components implement this interface.

Controls that support drag & drop operations implement this interface.

All wisej components implement this interface.

All wisej controls derived from the Control class must implement this interface.

Allows an object to serialize itself.

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