Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Keeps data-bound controls synchronized with each other: showing data from the same record.

public class CurrencyManager : BindingManagerBase


Int32: Returns the number of items in the list.

Object: Returns the current item in the list.

IList: Returns the list for this CurrencyManager.

Int32: Returns or sets the current position within the list.

Boolean: Returns true when the bound data source can accept changes. Calling SuspendBinding sets this flag to false and ResumeBinding sets it to true (default).


Adds a new item to the underlying list.


  • NotSupportedException The underlying data source does not implement IBindingList, or the collection element doesn't implement a public parameterless constructor, or the data source has thrown an exception because the user has attempted to add a row to a read-only or fixed-size DataView.

Forces a refresh of the data-bound list.

Causes a control bound to this data source to re-read the current item and refresh the displayed value.

Causes a control bound to this data source to re-read the item at the specified itemIndex and refresh the displayed value.



The index of the item that has changed.

Resumes data binding.

Suspends data binding to prevents changes from updating the bound data source.


ItemChangedEventHandler Fired when the current item has been altered.

ListChangedEventHandler Fired when the list changes or an item in the list changes.

EventHandler Fired when the metadata of the List has changed.

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