Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Represents a control that can host ASP.NET or MVC pages within a Wisej application.

public class AspNetPanel : IFramePanel

The code in the hosted ASP.NET/MVC page can access any component in the current Wisej application session simply by using the Wisej.Web.Application class. All top level forms and pages are available in the Application.OpenForms, Application.OpenPages, Application.MainPage, and Appication.Desktop properties.


Initializes a new instance of AspNetPanel.


String: Returns or sets the ASP.NET/MVC page to load in the AspNetPanel control. (Default: "")



Bindable components implement this interface.

Controls that support drag & drop operations implement this interface.

All wisej components implement this interface.

All wisej controls derived from the Control class must implement this interface.

Allows an object to serialize itself.

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