Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Represents a FlashPlayer control that can display flash applications.

public class FlashPlayer : Control, IWisejHandler


Initializes a new instance of the FlashPlayer class.


BorderStyle: Indicates the border style for the control. (Default: None)

Int32: Gets or sets the load timeout in milliseconds. (Default: 10000)

Boolean: Specifies whether a timeline-based SWF file repeats indefinitely or stops when it reaches the last frame. (Default: False)

FlashPlayerQuality: Specifies the display list Stage rendering quality. (Default: AutoHigh)

FlashPlayerScale: Controls the ability to perform outbound URL access from within the SWF file. (Default: ShowAll)

FlashPlayerScriptAccess: Controls the ability to perform outbound URL access from within the SWF file. (Default: SameDomain)

Boolean: Specifies if movie playback controls are available in the Flash Player context menu. (Default: True)

String: Returns or sets the pdf file name to display in the FlashPlayer control. (Default: "")

String: Returns or sets a JSON definition of the variables to pass the Flash player in the FlashVars parameter. (Default: "")

FlashPlayerWindowMode: Returns or sets the Window Mode property of the SWF file for transparency, layering, positioning, and rendering in the browser. (Default: Window)


EventHandler Fired when the SwfSource property has changed.



Bindable components implement this interface.

Controls that support drag & drop operations implement this interface.

All wisej components implement this interface.

All wisej controls derived from the Control class must implement this interface.

Represents a Wisej component that is capable of handling postback requests from the client.

Allows an object to serialize itself.

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